Is it possible to avoid using tiles during your bathroom remodeling process?

Tile is considered to be the most popular material for finishing bathroom walls and floors. There are multiple options to choose from, and it’s pretty easy to make that choice. However, tile is not for everybody from the aesthetic point of view. At the end of the day, there are different design projects that assume no tile usage.

How to renovate your bathroom using no tiles? There are other materials as durable and moisture resistant as tiles.

Wall Paint

If you don’t want to tile your walls, you can simply paint them. There are several types of paint, suitable for bathroom walls, and each of them has its specific features, advantages and disadvantages:

  • Latex paint is one of the subspecies of water-emulsion paint. It’s easy to apply and it’s durable. It forms a dense moisture resistant membrane. The shortcomings include high cost and the requirement to carefully prepare the wall surface before applying such a paint.
  • Silicone or acrylic emulsion is the most popular option, remarkable for its affordable price and great technical characteristics. It’s a perfect moisture resistant coating.
  • Alkyd enamel is comparably inexpensive; it’s a good option for rooms with high humidity level. However, it has a very strong odor caused by its specific components. Another thing you should know is that the walls painted in it are no longer air permeable.
  • Oil paint, considered to be a suitable coating for bathroom walls in the past, is in fact a paint starting to heave up and peel off in a little while after application.

Self-leveling Floors

A self-leveling floor is a great alternative to a tiled floor. This coating, offered by the market a few years ago, has already gained a frantic popularity. It differs favorably from the tile due to its excellent technical features and can be barely surpassed any other coating type.

A self-leveling floor is a solid coating with no joints and seams, which helps preventing any moisture accumulation. It costs more than standard tiles; however, it serves longer and it’s able to withstand heavier loads. Additionally, it’s possible to have any pictures on it: from simple ornaments to classic canvases.

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