Kitchen Backsplash: Material Review

Kitchen backsplash installation should be thought over in advance, as this is an important decoration item protecting the wall above working surface from grease, dirt, heat and steam and it always attracts attention. There are multiple materials that kitchen backsplashes can be made of. Material choice depends on a particular kitchen style and purpose. Let’s review the main material types.

Ceramic tile

This is a very popular and practical material for kitchen backsplashes. Using ceramic tile as a kitchen backsplash material is very advantageous: it’s easy to clean, durable, water and fireproof, resistant to alkalis and acids. Ceramic tile is eco-friendly and affordable. It varies in form and size, texture and design. It can be combined with any table top material and perfectly fit into any interior.

The cons are a long installation process and some cleaning afterwards. But things are much easier for Miamibathtubs customers: our specialists will install a kitchen backsplash and leave your kitchen completely clean. Another drawback of using tiles as a kitchen backsplash material is a special seam care. Seams get dirty faster than the tiles themselves. Fortunately, there are multiple effective cleaning agents sold helping to fight the dirt and stains on such surfaces.

Artificial and Natural Stone

Slabs made of natural or artificial granite or marble look monumentally and naturally beautiful. Stone has a high density, is fireproof and highly resistant to temperature changes. It doesn’t absorb moisture and dirt and varies in shades widely: from pinkish gray to deep black and dazzling white.

Granite should be ordered from trusted manufacturers only to avoid purchasing fragile or radioactive counterfeit. Moreover, stone backsplash installation should be conducted by professionals only. Your kitchen backsplash restoration process will be easy and smooth should you contact our company for the service.

MDF and Chipboard

MDF or laminated chipboard is an affordable wood imitating material used for remodeling kitchens designed in country, chalet and some other styles. This material is easy to attach to uneven walls and is comparably inexpensive. However, it’s whimsical cleaning-wise, unsafe at high temperatures and non-durable.

MDF or chipboard will be the best choice for those who want to fix their kitchen quickly.


Stainless steel is easy to clean and perfect for finishing high-tech style kitchens. Stainless steel kitchen backsplashes are 100 % fireproof, durable and easy to care for. However, fingerprints and water drops are always visible on the polished steel surface, so it has to be properly cleaned.


Impact-resistant tempered glass can only be specially ordered after individual measurements are taken. Glass backsplashes are hung on special dowels with decorative plugs. Installation is performed by professionals only. This material is easy to wash with a brush with no fear to scratch it. It’s also resistant to sun rays and temperature changes.

You can use your imagination and order a glass backsplash with photo printing or install a clear glass on top of posters or wallpaper. Whichever option you choose, Miamibathtubs will help you install or repair your kitchen backsplash when needed. Please call us!