Kitchen cabinet refacing/repainting ideas

If the kitchen cabinets look unpresentable, do not throw them away immediately: skilled hands can fix them quickly. New furniture is a significant investment, so do not leave money on the table. The condition of the kitchen cabinets can be perfect, and it may be just an aesthetic component to be easily fixed.


How to reface them?

  • To get started, simply refresh the color, by getting rid of all the rough spots and scratches. You can choose the color that would contrast with the furniture. It looks bright and fresh.
  • Add a pattern, especially if the cabinet is damaged, and nothing else can hide it. The unique pattern will not only cover the big scratch, but will also make it look different.
  • Many people use self-adhesive elements: they are easy to work with, and they can be easily removed if necessary.


 Kitchen cabinet refacing

Why cabinet refacing is required? The answer is simple: sometimes the paint does not spread well because the cabinet is not polished. Uneven surface kills painting.

The result of work with unpolished cabinet is easy to predict. The paint spreads uneven. The lumens and stains are visible in some surfaces, and the tone changes depending on whether the site is covered. This should not happen. Otherwise, you will have to redo everything, and as a result, you will lose even more time and money on the new paint and other tools.

Secrets of refacing of kitchen cabinets:

  • Primary treatment with sandpaper will let the paint better adhere to the surface
  • Polishing cabinets with a shiny polyurethane coating is a must; otherwise the paint quickly peels off.


Kitchen cabinet repainting

If the old paint is peeled off, and you look at the cabinets with irritation, they need to be repainted. It is quite easy: just choose good materials, and follow the instructions. Cabinet repainting can be done by someone who has not ever done any repair work.

Repainting cabinets is cheaper than buying the new ones. You can also find paint on sale without losing in quality. It is quite possible that a particular color is sold poorly, and not in demand.

Things to consider in the process of repainting of kitchen cabinets:

  • you need to separate all the zones that will not be repainted with the tape;
  • first you need to paint the inside and only after that on the outside;
  • before applying a second coat, if necessary, be sure to let the first one dry.

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