Kitchen floor tiles: what to consider when buying

A variety of materials can be used for decorating the floor in the kitchen. It all depends on the willingness of the owner and of the style of the kitchen interior. One of the most popular options is ceramic tile. It fits well, and not only in the bathroom, especially if you choose the appropriate color and texture.



How to do it?

When choosing the texture and colors, there are a few important things to take into account. It will help you make purchase quickly and not to waste time:

  • If the glossy tiles are more suitable for the walls, the flooring should be mat and rough;
  • thus, it is less slippery, which means that the risk of falling and injury is equal to zero;

  • When choosing textured tile, it is very important not to get too much involved in the process; otherwise the grease will accumulate in the hollows, and then it is very difficult to get rid of it;
  • It is important to take into account technical indicators: if the tile is glazed, it is definitely higher.

As for the color of the tiles, it is important that the floor is in harmony with the other interior elements. Light tiles make the room visually larger, and dark tiles, on the contrary, make it look smaller. So when choosing a tile, the dimensions of the room must be considered.

Black and white are the most easily soiled tile colors, and be prepared for the fact that this tile will have to constantly be cleaned up. As for the beige, gray and brown, these are the most practical colors. You can also select tiles of stone design, especially if the interior style has it.


Visual metamorphoses

Few people know that it also much depends on the room location.

Explore the secrets that can help with the choice of the ideal tiles for the kitchen:

  • If kitchen windows face north, we recommend you to purchase one-color tiles with dim soft pattern, and if the windows face south – a rich dark tile or tile of cold colors would be the best option;
  • The tiles that imitate any other cover fit well into the room, if it is combined with the interior style. For example, the woodgrain tiles look great in the country-style kitchen;
  • Style matters. Mono colors are good if you prefer minimalism, and bright tiles with attractive patterns will be suitable for ethnic style; rich, intensive colors and clear lines are a perfect combination for high-tech style.

It is also possible to change the room settings, and the correct choice of the tile will make it really easy. It all depends on what size and shapes of modules you buy. If you want to emphasize how spacious the room is, it makes sense to choose a tile in the form of large squares. And if you need to visually stretch the room, rectangular-shaped tile is the good option.