Lacquer paint for furniture. Part I: Benefits and Features

Wooden furniture looks great in any interior, but you need to be cautious when it comes to premises with high humidity level like bathroom or kitchen. Even if your furniture has excellent technical characteristics, it will get out of order soon.

Lacquer application is required if you want to protect your furniture from negative external impact. Durable and solid coating with lacquer paint will provide a durable finish to heard-wearing surfaces and make your interior items serve much longer.

Main functions of lacquer paint

  • It protects the furniture from cracks, scratches and other damages;
  • Depending on the type of surface, it either makes it glossy or matte;
  • It provides the furniture with a more aesthetic look;
  • It prevents the wood from crumbling and swelling from humidity, as well as protects against insect infestation;
  • It extends the product exploitation period.

How to choose the right lacquer paint?

Purchasing a suitable type of lacquer paint for furniture, you should consider several basic criteria and focus on them. First, think what effect you would like to achieve, what lacquer paint features you are mostly interested in.

Main criteria include:

  • Safety
  • Fire resistance
  • Presence/absence of odor

Your lacquer paint choice also depends on the room where the application is planned to be performed. If we are talking about furniture in the kids’ room, it’s better to choose the safest lacquer health-wise, while in the kitchen with constant temperature changes, usage of highly durable lacquer paint is preferred.

If it’s imperative for you to improve your furniture aesthetic appearance, you should choose oil lacquer paint. If you are looking for an antique look for your furniture, you can purchase a special lacquer with the effect of craquelure. It’s important to make a decision before you go to the store. Is it good idea to lacquering yourself?

It’s better to entrust this task to professionals, who will be able to complete it fast and make sure there are no lacquer leaks or other imperfections on the surface of your furniture. Lacquer paint is not an easy product to work with, especially for individuals with no experience. Don’t take chances. Just call Miami Bathtubs company to order lacquering of your kitchen cabinets or any other furniture. We’ll talk about lacquer types and how to choose the right one in the next article.