Lacquer paint for furniture. Part II: Main Types

If you would like to extend your furniture life and want it to serve you as long as possible, if your furniture is kept in rooms with high humidity level and/or constant temperature changes, it’s important to lacquer it. Kitchen furniture, especially cabinets, should be taken care of in the first place. They usually hang over kitchen work surfaces being exposed to the worst external impact.

How to choose the right lacquer paint? In our previous article, we discussed the features you should pay attention to when buying your desired product. Knowing the features is still not enough: you need to understand the difference between the types of coating. In this article, we’ll talk about all existing lacquer types and the difference between them.

Types of lacquer paint by effects

One of the most popular classifications of lacquers is an effect that a particular lacquer paint can create. In other words, it’s an effect you are trying to achieve after treatment. There are several types:

  • glossy and semi-glossy – very solid and durable lacquers that make wood glitter. However, even the smallest scratches are visible on the surface that the product was applied to.
  • matt and semi-matt – lacquers used to make the surface look natural. They can only be applied after a thorough grinding of your furniture.
  • colored – these lacquers can be applied, if the current interior color looks boring and/or outdated. You can either buy a light shading color or some bright one.
  • craquelure – lacquers used to make your furniture look aged. The furniture surface will look a little cracked after you apply such lacquer paint.

Types of lacquer paint by purpose

We have already mentioned that it’s very important to understand what effect you are trying to achieve when buying a lacquer paint, as well as it’s important to consider conditions in the room, where your furniture is being used. Several types of lacquer paints can be differentiated by purpose:

  • water-repellent – lacquers ideal for protection against moisture impact, and thus, best to apply on bathroom and kitchen furniture.
  • weather-resistant – lacquers used to apply to interior items that are exposed to constant atmospheric influence.
  • heat-resistant – lacquers used to protect furniture from abrupt temperature changes: severe cold or heat.
  • impact-resistant – lacquers used to strengthen the surface, protecting it from negative mechanical impact.

How to choose right color of a lacquer paint

This choice depends on the effect you would like to achieve. If your furniture is made of some valuable species of wood, it would be pointless to change its natural color for a different one and better choose a transparent coating. Colored lacquer paints can be applied on the furniture made of less expensive wood species. Such lacquer will provide your furniture with a rich color shade, and it will securely protect its surface from damages.

If you have already found right lacquer paint and would like to update your kitchen or any other furniture, call Miami Bathtubs: we will apply it on all the desired surfaces fast and achieve ideal results for you.