Laminated flooring for bathroom: types and features

Laminated flooring is a finishing coat that is frequently used for floor finishing. It is strong enough and durable. It looks exquisitely and natty, and matches with any interior. All these features are self-explanatory. However, it has been said that for rooms with high moisture, laminated flooring is not suitable.

We would like to rule out this statement. There are some types of laminated flooring that perfectly match even with the bathroom. There are two of them:

  • moisture-resistant;
  • waterproof.

The first question that inevitably arises is “What is the difference?” In fact, these two types of laminated flooring differ from each other a lot. We have to consider each of them in detail.

Moisture-resistant laminated flooring and its features

This type of flooring is made of densified wood sawdust, which is connected with epoxy mastic gum. To increase the moisture resistance, the paraffin is applied to the floors, as well as the final protective composition, so that the laminated flooring can resist abrasive particles.


  • Moisture resistant laminated flooring differs from the usual with a more durable finishing, as well as special impregnations;
  • It is resistant to moisture much longer than simple laminated flooring, but, of course, it is not as durable as the ceramic tile;
  • It has some drawbacks, which are the joints between panels. If you want the water does not get inside the panels, you need to make the water isolation, otherwise the laminated flooring will swell from the inside.

Waterproof laminated flooring and its distinctive features

This type of laminated flooring is completely made of plastic, which makes it completely unassailable to water. The slabs can have air pockets in order to add heat insulation material.


  • the joints between the slabs are covered with silicone joint sealant; thus you can rule out a possibility that the water will get inside the laminated flooring;
  • this laminated flooring is more durable and resistant to mechanical influence than the previous version;
  • it is not slippery, as it is covered with a special layer;
  • this flooring is completely hygienic, the fungus can’t appear on it.

How to order the installation?

If you want the laminated flooring for your bathroom, call Miami Bathtubs! Our specialists are able to work with all the finishing materials and guarantee an excellent result.