Long Lasting Bathtub Refinishing in Miami

After a hard day at work, everyone wants to devote time to themselves and relax in a warm bath. However, it is not so pleasant when the bathroom seems dirty and far from your ideal. In addition, nuances such as scratches, rust, or a worn-out look can ruin the overall look of your bathroom, making it outdated and unattractive.

Sometimes you have no desire to part with an old bath, or it fits perfectly with your interior. For example, when you have one of those antique bathtubs that add a touch of charm.

When is Bathtub Refinishing worth it?

We believe that refinishing is ideal for old bathtubs almost of all kinds. They are usually made of the highest quality materials compared to modern bathtubs. Thus, not every modern bathroom can be redecorated. Moreover, the best result can be achieved only by replacing it with a new one. However, each situation is considered separately, so for your confidence, it is better to contact us. We are always glad to receive your questions!

How does it work?

Almost all kinds of baths, it can be cast-iron or steel, could be re-coated to match the original finish or in an entirely new color.  Therefore, you can make it in any color you prefer. The result is usually so good that many people cannot tell the difference between a converted bathtub and a new one!

The process of refinishing includes such steps as:

  • The first step is to wash the bath gently to get rid of all dirt;
  • To protect all the parts that do not require restoration;
  • Then, to remove all bathroom faucets, drain fittings, and other plumbing fixtures;
  • The next step will be sanding the bathtub to give the original surface a slight roughness. This will allow the new coating to stick;
  • Next, we fill in any chips, scratches, or scuffs, then sand smooth;
  • After that, a primer is used with a spray gun;
  • Finally, we apply several coats of topcoat and let it dry.

Voila, your bathroom is as good as new again!

How long will it last?

We use the best products that will serve you for many years. Non-professionals often save on material and use the cheapest ones, which will wear out after a year or two.

Correctly selected material, as well as its quality, will extend the life of your bath by 10-15 years. However, everything also depends on you. We will give you additional recommendations for care and if you adhere to the rules of care, your bathroom will serve you for many years to come! You can rest assured that your polished surface will last because at Miami Baths we use a non-acidic bonding agent that chemically bonds the new surface to your bath.