Maintaining acrylic bathtub in a right way

Previously we discussed features of acrylic bathtubs. They are considered as easy to maintain, absorbing water noise, retaining heat well and therefore are becoming more popular from year to year. But is it so easy to maintain this coating in perfect condition?

New acryl is covered with invisible protective shield, which keeps it bright and shiny. But improper use and care errors can make the surface fade, and it can lead to scratches and chips appearing on the surface.

Let`s discuss the right ways of maintaining acrylic bathtubs.

Basic principles:

  • as discussed earlier, exclude all cleaning supplies containing abrasive particles – it scratches the surface and shortens life of bathtub;
  • do not use compounds containing solvents under any circumstances – it corrodes the dirt together with acryl;
  • if acrylic bathtub is handled properly after each usage, it will serve you many years and its appearance will remain as origin;
  • acrylic bathtub should be cleaned either with soft sponges or cloth – otherwise scratches will appear on the surface.

What should be done if bathtub is damaged?

All depends on the type of bathtub – usually these are regular tubs and hydro-massage models. Construction of hydro-massage models is much more complicated, therefore in case of damage immediately contact specialist.

Regular acrylic bathtub can be fixed on your own – however only in case if you have relevant experience. If you have no experience – do not risk and get assistance from professionals in order not to worsen it further. It is much easier to remove small scratch rather than impressive chip.

Who to contact?

Of Course us – Miami Bathtubs! Restoration of bathtubs and shower cabins is our specialty, and we know exactly how to achieve excellent results. You will save time and money with us, and your bathtub will shine again as it was just delivered from the store.