Major materials for finishing bathroom floor. Part 1

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, one of the most difficult tasks is to choose appropriate material for floor finishing. Bathroom is a room where it is always very humid, so it is important to choose a reliable option.

Dozens of finishing materials can be found in specialized stores, however we picked out a few best options to save your trouble.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is the most required and popular material, which is perfect not only for the floor but also for the walls. The prevalence of tiles is quite understandable. It’s enough just to get acquainted with its perfect features, which are the following:

  • it is resistant to moisture and does not absorb it; the fungus can’t appear on tiles;
  • it is easy to clean;
  • floor tiles are much stronger and more resistant to mechanical influence than wall tiles. It looks like new one for a long time;
  • wall tiles have skid resistant properties;
  • high thermal conductivity allows you to install a system of heated floors.

But the main benefit of tiles, of course, is a wide range of choice: self-colored, decorated with patterns, multi-colored. There are dozens of options, so you can easily find bathroom tiles, regardless of the style in which the room is decorated.

Among the drawbacks it can be noted that the tile is a very cold material. If you don’t make a heated system for the floor, it will be not easy to step out from bathtub or shower every time.


It has been said that it is absolutely not suitable for the bathroom floors, for no reason at all. More often, all the problems come up only because of bad installation, which only spoils the material. In addition, not everyone can choose some quality linoleum, but meanwhile it has a lot of good properties:

  • If it is installed in proper way, it will be in use for a very long time;
  • Due to the absence of joints, flooring does not lose its original form for years, and moisture doesn’t get inside it;
  • It is much easier to install it than tiles. For example, you can simply cut off down the edges of sanitary ware;
  • Due to the variety of models you can easily find a linoleum with your favorite pattern. Note that the texture must be hard. Otherwise, linoleum will quickly sink in under the pressure of heavy objects.

Natural stone

It is quite expensive material, and it is slippery, so people choose it very rarely. However, the benefits of natural stone successfully compensate for these drawbacks. Among the benefits are the following:

  • luxurious surface appearance, due to which the entire room changes unrecognizably;
  • stone is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and mechanical impact; it has its original surface appearance for a long time;
  • this material is characterized by high-strength and durability.

If you choose a natural stone, pay attention to unpolished open-textured marble. It is not slippery at all, even if it gets water.

Where to order the installation?

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