Major materials for finishing bathroom floor. Part 2

In the previous article we listed the most popular materials that are used for finishing the bathroom floors. All of them meet the basic requirements: moisture resistant, durable, resistant to external influences.

There are other materials that have quite similar features. Let’s talk about them in more details.

Poured floors

It is one of the most modern and demanded solutions for finishing the floor. The prevalence of such an option is quite understandable. It looks unusual and original, especially when it comes to 3D-image.

But there are other benefits of poured floors:

  • strength and durability (poured floor will be in use at least 15 years and will look like new);
  • resistance to large amounts of water and strong chemicals;
  • solidity;
  • high thermal conductivity allows you to install a system of heated floors.

With all the benefits of poured floors, we advise you to take into account that the installation is not the cheapest service, but the result is definitely worth the money spent.

Hardwood floors

It has been said that wood is not the best option for finishing floors in the bathroom, because it’s still a room with high level of moisture. However, there are moisture resistant woods, so you just need to choose more carefully.

Wood has a number of valuable properties, such as:

  • it is environmentally friendly;
  • due to the look of the wood, the bathroom will become more comfortable than before;
  • low thermal conductivity ensures that even without a heated floor system, you will not feel cold to step out of the bath or shower.

If you have doubts regarding the resistance of such floors to the moisture, we advise you to purchase water-resistant materials, it won’t go amiss.

Water-resistant laminated flooring

Not too many people decide to use this material in the bathroom, for no reason at all. If you buy special laminated flooring, covered with a water-resistant material, it is perfect for a room with high level of moisture.

In addition, the laminated flooring has many benefits, such as:

  • resistance to mechanical influence;
  • ease of installation;
  • warm surface;
  • durability, if you properly clean it, the laminated flooring will be in use at least 15 years. However, do not forget that the laminated flooring, with all its perfect technical characteristics, still can’t be compared with tiles or poured floors.

Should you install in your own or contact a professional?

We recommend the second option, so you don’t have to redo anything in case of some mistake, spend additional time and money. Miami Bathtubs offers quick and competent installation services, regardless of which material you choose. Call us at any time!