Marble baths: advantages and disadvantages

In our previous article we discussed some types of marble bathtubs. We mentioned that natural marble bathtubs are cut out of a single marble piece, whereas artificial marble bathtubs are manufactured in the process of mixing marble chips with other components, being later poured in a special form.

A marble bathtub will be a great addition to any bathroom design-wise. But make sure to consider all pros and cons before purchasing, as marble bathtubs do have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go over some nuances which will either convince you or, on the contrary, stop you from buying such a bathtub.

Marble bathtubs


  • Having a high heat capacity, this material is also resistant to abrupt temperature drops. It’s a great choice for those who enjoy long hot baths, as marble bathtubs keep the water warm for extended periods of time.
  • No additional frame is needed as the bowl itself is very stable.
  • Natural stone has great sound insulation properties, that’s why the water doesn’t make any significant noise while flowing.
  • If properly taken care of, your marble bathtub will serve you for decades and won’t change in appearance.


  • Marble bathtubs are extremely heavy and hard to install even with the help of professionals.
  • Chips and microcracks are easily formed on the surface. White marble, specifically, gets yellow very fast. Cracks make it hard to clean such bathtubs.
  • Bathtubs made of natural stone are very expensive indeed.

Artificial marble bathtubs


  • Cast marble bathtubs have an abrasion-resistant surface, remaining even and smooth after years of exploitation. Easy to warm up, cast marble keeps that warmth for long, although cast marble bathtub walls are visibly thinner than the walls of the bowl made of natural stone.
  • It’s less complicated to equip artificial marble bathtubs with additional functions, such as hydromassage and backlight, as drilling cast marble is easier than drilling natural stone.
  • Due to its dense structure, the surface is protected from corrosive dirt. Besides, taking care of artificial marble is easier than caring for the natural stone.


  • Despite the fact that artificial marble weighs perceptibly less than natural stone, cast marble bathtubs are still very heavy. You’ll definitely need professional help to get your bathtub transported and installed.
  • Impacted by some colorants, your bathtub surface can eventually cover with colored spots, difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Artificial marble is quite an expensive material, so bathtubs made of it are consequently expensive.

Ready to purchase? Next steps

Ordering professional transportation and installation services is vital. Marble is known for its heavy weight, and it’s quite impossible to install a marble bathtub with no help. Looking for professionals in your area? Call Miami Bathtubs. Specializing in bathrooms remodeling, we’ll easily handle any project.