Mistakes in the bathroom interior design. Part one

If you decide to order a complete transformation of the bathroom, first you need to consider all the details. Otherwise, it is easy to make mistakes that will make the room look quite different from what you want.

Freestanding bath in modern bathroom

You should pay more attention for the following matters:

  • The colors you want for your renovated bathroom. Two or three primary colors should be chosen;
  • Whether the plumbing should be changed or left as it is;
  • Whether you want to repair a bathtub or a shower cabin. If so, be sure to submit your application to our experts;
  • The condition of tiles on the walls and the floor.

Even taking into account all the important details, you can easily make one of the most common mistakes. We have compiled a list of those which professionals face on a regular basis.


Improper plan of the room

Do you have a small bathroom? Then do not stock it with unnecessary items and do not buy a round or oval bathtub that takes most of the space. We recommend looking closely to the furniture and fixtures that match the size of the room. Otherwise, you may not even be able to turn around in the room.


Wrong atmosphere

Perhaps, you often visit cafes and nightclubs. Then, you certainly know how their restrooms look: they are immersed in the twilight, with mirrored walls and plenty of golden or silver details. This is elegant and unusual, but even if you really like it, do not recreate such interior in your bathroom.

The reason is simple: you need to cheer up and refresh yourself in the bathroom, and not vice versa.


No protective walls or screens

If you have no fence in a bathtub or shower cabin, there is quite a chance that after the bath routine you will have to wipe the floor: water will be splashed everywhere, especially if the shower doors closing mechanism is bad.


Slippery floor

Every time we tell you about the tiles, we say that glossy tiles are for the walls, and mat tiles are for the floor. Some people do exactly the opposite, although it is not the most sensible option. Yes, glossy tiles really look more attractive, but you can easily slip on the floor and fall to the ground. And it is really traumatic in the bathroom, especially in the narrow one.


Dim lighting

Bathroom should be well lit, especially if you have to apply make-up every morning in front of the mirror. Otherwise, you will be in bad mood, and eventually your vision will get worse.