Mistakes in the bathroom interior design. Part two

We have already talked about the most common mistakes that can be made in bathroom design, but the list is not complete. Before proceeding to the decor of the bathroom, you need to take into account all the specific features and details.

What other mistakes are often found in a bathroom?


Paper wallpaper in the interior

This is the worst design option for the bathroom of all possible, especially if it is small. If you use the wallpaper made of paper, you will soon have to do the repair again. A very few people will like such time and money spending.

What happens to the wallpaper:

  • Adhesive and base of the wallpaper will quickly absorb moisture; and do not forget that the bathroom is the center of high humidity;
  • Seams will disperse;
  • Paper sheets will soon come off the walls.


Lack of towel rails

At first sight, this is a minor detail, not worth your attention. However, in fact it is much more serious. If you have no towel to use after bathing to dry off before stepping out of the bathroom, and no second towel to throw at your feet, you can slip and fall.

We recommend you to take care of your health and place the towel rail at arm’s length.


No rug near the bathroom

There may be the same problem as in the previous paragraph: after coming out of the bath, it is important to be on a dense mat rather than on the cold floor. If not slipping, then you will surely catch a cold, because the contrast between the hot water and ice tiles is too significant.


Sink is too small

It is simply inconvenient, especially if you live in the apartment not alone, but with a family. In this case, your morning routine before work or studies will give you serious discomfort. Good washbasin is the basin where you do not have to push each other with the elbows, and after the grooming routine you do not need to wipe the floor from splashed water.

If the bathroom is large, think big and install two sinks.


Distant «hospital» decor

Bathroom is a separate room that can be decorated in any style. Do not be afraid to experiment with textures, colors and accessories, and then it will be unique and not boring.