Mold in Bathroom: Types, Reasons, Possible Dangers

Mold is a frequent guest in residential buildings, especially in a bathroom. This is not surprising: it loves the moisture and grows exactly where there is high humidity. It is not so easy to get rid of it without the help of experts, especially if you think that regular cleaning is enough.

Yes, you can really wash the affected area thoroughly, but the fungus is very sticky and will soon form exactly in the same place. Therefore, it is better to seek help and be sure that there is no trace of mold.

Why does the mold appear?

  • Exhaust ventilation either works poorly or does not work at all.
  • You dry towels and linen in the bathroom.
  • The sewer or drain pipe is damaged, or the joint between pipes is touched, as a result of which water leaks into the room.
  • Condensation appears on the pipes (this refers only to old cast iron systems).
  • The plumbing is leaking, and the room becomes damp.

Most often, the answer lies in the first reason, the rest is not so important. If ventilation works without interruptions, then there will be no increased humidity in the room.

Main types of mold

  • White mold can be seen in the bathroom quite rarely – it often breeds on plants, and at first you can completely ignore it.
  • Black, gray, as well as mold of various shades of these colors is the most dangerous for human species. In most cases, it grows on the bathroom and provokes diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Pink is usually combined with black, quickly increases in conditions of high humidity, appears on the remains of soap or shampoo, so most often it can be found in the shower.
  • Blue and blue-green mold is almost never found in the bathroom, because it affects mainly the tree, and the wooden elements in this are quite rare to use.

How does the mold threaten the human body?

Some people believe that there is nothing wrong with the appearance of the mold and fungus, but in fact, it is not true. There is a danger for the body, and it is quite serious. Because of the mold, there can be various diseases, including asthma, various allergic reactions, eye infections, respiratory diseases, or worsening of diseases that you already have.

Also, an obvious indicator of the negative impact is the weakening of immunity. If you feel worse for no apparent reason, it makes sense to carefully inspect the bathroom: perhaps, this is a damaging effect of mold.

Where can you go for help?

Of course, to us, Miami Bathtubs. We use only proven reliable products and guarantee instant disposal of mold. Be sure only one day of your bathroom treatment with the help of special products – and it will never disturb you again. Call us!