One Day Bathroom Makeover: Mission Is Possible

If you feel deadly sick and tired of the current state of your bathroom, and have no time for a comprehensive repair, there is a way to do a one-day bathroom makeover. Yes, it seems impossible at the first sight, but it’s actually quite realistic – all it takes is to look into some details and elements.

Getting Rid of Clutter

Any repair, even the simple one, starts with the deep cleaning. If you’ve overcrowded the bathroom with stuff, you should look over them and decide what to do next:

  • ripped towels, which, for some reason, you feel like saving, should be imperturbably thrown out in the garbage can;
  • check out whether body care products, like gels and shampoos, are not past their shelf life. If anything is expired, let it suffer the same fate with the towels;
  • if some things are still packed and kept in the vanity waiting for the time to be used, we recommend asking your friends – maybe, they need that thing more than you do. It’s that simple: if the thing isn’t in use, therefore you have no need in it.

Working with Tiles

Among all the elements of the bathroom interior, the tiles on the walls and floor should be taken into account above all things. If you prefer light color palette, then you certainly know that every spot is clearly visible on such a tile.

What can you do? Tiles should be washed up properly to the shining luster, and then tile grouts should be cleaned. They are of prime importance – if you renew them, the bathroom will look like you’ve just made repair there.

Keep the Pretties in Plain View and Hide All the Rest

After you kept the most necessary things and threw out the clutter imperturbably, it’s time to sort out the rest of things. Choose all the most beautiful jars and bottles — it would be great if they are designed in the same style. They will remain outside, on the open shelves and nearby the sink.

Put the rest stuff into the vanity. In such way the bathroom will look more aesthetically pleasing. Besides, you will have the opportunity to arrange everything so that you know for sure what is where and not to waste time looking for the needed thing.

Make Use of the Door and the Walls

If you lack free space but bought more than enough face and body care products, we recommend, for example, purchasing transparent bathroom pocket organizer that can be hung on any hook or nail in the wall. So, firstly, everything needed will be in plain view, and secondly – at arm’s length.