Over-the-Weekend Bathroom Remodeling Part II

In the first part of our article we discussed some options that you have if you face the situation where your bathroom really needs some renovation but you only have two days for it.

We gave you just a small list of things that you can either do yourself or with the help of professionals. However, there are some more. Some of them require more effort, some require less, but they do have one thing in common. Each of them can be finished over the weekend.

Over-the-Weekend Bathroom Remodeling Part II

Fixing shower doors

Of course, it can only be done when it’s needed. Shower doors break down more often than any other bathroom items, especially, when they are non-sliding. The fasteners get so loose that the door can finally fly off the hinges.

This can be easily fixed if you have the right tools handy. Don’t get frustrated even if you don’t have them. You can always contact a trusted company and its representatives will get it fixed in no time.

Painting wall tiles

Your tile looks good enough but you still want something new? There is a very simple option for you: just change its color. You’ll only need to follow several rules if you choose this option:

  • Find paint that will withstand high humidity and temperature drops. There are a lot of matching compositions offered by the market.
  • Be sure to take everything you can out of your bathroom and cover the surfaces of the remaining items with some cloth to protect them from paint drops.
  • Avoid using any complex, overly bright colors that can soon start annoying you.

Ordering damaged tile replacement

Ordering damaged tile replacement

If you notice chips, cracks, scuffs or indelible stains on some of your tiles, it’s probably just the right time to get rid of them. You can simply order a replacement of the damaged elements only instead of having all of your tiles renewed. You should contact the company specializing in bathroom remodeling to order a service. If you don’t have any experience in remodeling, it’s better to avoid doing it yourself.

Professionals will easily get your walls and the floor free of cracked tiles, replacing them with the new ones without damaging adjacent elements. It normally takes them about two hours max.

You can order this and other services here at Miami Bathtubs. We’ve been in the bathroom remodeling business for a long time now and proved ourselves delivering best results.