Paint Versus Tile. What kind of wall covering is better?

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you probably already know that the most complicated task is to choose a finishing material for your walls. Both paint and tile have their advantages and disadvantages as finishing materials, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to make a choice. Every time you think you’ve already made your decision, there is an argument favoring one or the other option.

We would like to make your life easier and describe all special features of both wall paint and tile.

The main advantages of using waterproof paint for bathroom walls

  • It’s easy to apply and you’ll manage to do it yourself in case you don’t plan to hire specialists for services.
  • Painted walls withstand negative impact of moisture, it’s easy to wash and clean them and there are many cleaning agents you can use for this purpose.
  • Paint is highly durable if walls are painted properly. The color will always stay bright, and the coating will always be smooth.
  • You can always find paint with no odor due to a big choice of paint compositions offered in stores, which is especially important if you are allergic or simply sensitive to specific odors.

Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, but they are minor. It takes very long for some paints to dry, and if you want to see the result immediately, such paint is not a good choice for you. Some compounds cannot be used for painting metal elements. It’s better to choose the right one if you have a lot of metal items in your bathroom. And some paints are rather expensive. Getting such paint will make you start trying to save on something else.

The main advantages of using tiles in your bathroom

  • This material is really durable, it’ll serve you more than a dozen years if correctly installed.
  • Tile is very practical: it’s easy to care for and it’s ok to use strong chemicals for cleaning purposes. You don’t have to be as careful choosing cleaning agents for tiles as you should be when choosing them for painted walls.
  • Special tile types can be used to imitate other materials. Tile, imitating wood or natural stone, looks more spectacular than paint. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish materials when you first see them and you can make a mistake confusing tile with something else.

What disadvantages need to be remembered?

Tile installation is not an easy task and it should be performed by the specialists. It’s better not to do it yourself. If you choose not to hire a professional company specializing in repairs just because you want to save, you better change your mind. It’ll be smarter to pay more but be sure to get what you want at the end.

It’s also good to remember that some types of tile can be very expensive, especially if they come from exclusive collections with unique designs.

So, what’s the conclusion?

Choose paint if you decide to repair your bathroom yourself. And it’s better to contact professionals for tile installation services. Our recommendation is to use professional services of a trusted company anyway to be on the safe side and be sure to get perfect results.