Painting cast iron and steel bathtubs on your own

We have already mentioned how to repaint acrylic bathtub on your own, but cast iron and steel baths require absolutely different techniques and instruments. Of course, it will be better if professionals take care of your tub, but if you are not ready to hire them, then even a newbie can do bathtub repainting.

All you need is to follow the instructions and don’t change them.


Choosing enamel

If you paint cast iron and steel baths by yourself, surface preparation is a priority task. To begin with, it is important to choose appropriate enamel. Whatever formation won’t fit: we need a paint we can trust.

What features are good in enamel for repainting bathtubs:

  • Lasting
  • With solid color and shine after drying out
  • Antirusting
  • With a variety of ways to apply – brush as well as aerosol

To get this enamel you have to visit only specialized stores. Make notice that the set consists of two elements: enamel itself and a hardener.


Preparing your bathtub for painting

There are three steps to prepare a bathtub. To make tub repairing process perfect, it is necessary to do every step carefully keeping instructions. Otherwise, you will need to redo the process, which will take some additional time.

Step one – cleaning. First, a tub is washed using special detergent, then dry it with rags. Grease, dirt and rust – all these things have to be removed. After you rub the surface, leave it for a few hours, so everything will go well during the process of painting.

Step two – sanding down. To sand a tub down, you can use either tools or sandpaper. By the end of this process, replace usual sandpaper by fine grit sandpaper, to avoid covering the tub surface with cracks.

Step three – degreasing. To put up a good show, it is necessary to clean a tub with solvent or purified gasoline. If you ignore this step, paint will peel off in a few months.


Applying enamel

If the instructions on the enamel say to prepare it first, make sure you do it. Generally, surface of a bathtub and paint itself should be of indoor temperature.

As for the rest, everything depends on the application technique.

  • Aerosol paint should be applied evenly to avoid paint run and blistering. Spray enamel on the distance of 9-10 inches – it will help to put a thin coat. Then repeat the procedure twice;
  • Wet paint should be applied with a natural brush – carefully and evenly. First coat is priming, and it takes 20-30 minutes to dry. Then you can apply the next one. Maximum number of coats is three.

You can start using a bathtub again in a week after painting. Before that, you should not only keep out of using a tub, but also watering the surface is not recommended.