Painting the Walls in a Bathroom: Major Mistakes

There is an opinion that the walls of the bathroom should be tiled with ceramic tiles rather than painted: thus, they last longer in original condition. Moreover, it provides reliable protection against mold and fungus. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the use of paint, and it can serve no less.

If you doubt whether you should buy paint for the walls of the bathroom or not, this article about the basic misconceptions is for you.

Mistake number one: painted walls are boring

At first you think that it is quite possible, but nobody forces you to apply one color to all the walls. Human fantasy knows no boundaries, and you can draw any ornament or even a whole picture.

In addition, one cannot ignore the fact that changing the color of painted walls is much easier than tiling. You can recolor the walls in less than a day, without any help, but in order to lay a new tile, you need to refer to the specialists.

Mistake number two: painted walls are afraid of water

If you are still confident in this, think about the following:

  • even if you paint the walls, there will still be tiled or glass protective aprons around the bathtub and the sink;
  • if the neighbors from above have a leak, then even the tile will not save you, so there is no difference;
  • despite the fact that acrylic and latex paints are water-based, they cannot be dissolved by water, because they dry up irreversibly;
  • many manufacturers add special components to the paint, due to which it is suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Mistake number three: it is harmful to health

No. Previously it was believed that when the temperature drops sharply, the paints deteriorate and emit harmful vapors. However, this is true only if it is a question of poor-quality mixtures. Now you can always buy a good paint specifically for the bathroom, which does not change under the influence of high temperatures.

Mistake number four: the painted walls can get covered with mold, and the tiled – no And again, it’s not true: if the walls of the bathroom are covered with tiles, mold can still appear – you just will not see it. With paint, the situation is much simpler, because almost every mixture has components that stop the development of harmful microorganisms. If you are not reassured by this, apply not one layer to the walls, but several layers.

Painting the walls by yourself or refer to the specialists?

We offer a second option. Our company Miami Bathtubs will quickly renovate a bathroom of any size. In addition, we use only tools that are perfect for rooms with high humidity. Call us!