Painting Tiles on the Floor and Wall: Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic tiles is the surface that is most often chosen to decorate walls and floors in the bathroom. This material is distinguished by its strength, durability, ability to withstand severe loads and resistance to dramatic temperature changes. These properties are absolutely necessary in such room.

But not everyone knows that if you want, the tile can also be repainted. The only exceptions are the areas in the shower cabin right under your feet because the paint will be too often exposed to the water, and the color will quickly fade.

If you have decided to repaint the tile or at least had a thought about it, then for sure you have questions, which we will try to answer.

Why paint tiles?

  • Not everyone has the time to get rid of the old tiles and install new one. Even to find a free day to go shopping and choose a tile, and then entrust the installation to specialists, can be a challenge.
  • Painting is cheaper than buying and installing a new tile. Sometimes, if you really want to update the design, but you obviously are not buying another tile, you can transform the interior in such way.

How to choose a color?

First, consider the color range in which the entire bathroom is framed – it is necessary that the tile does not get out of the picture. Of course, contrast is not a bad idea, but in this case, an experienced designer will be strongly recommended.

The best option is a gentle neutral shade. A paint of this color you can even apply yourself because there will be no visible stains on it, but they would be on the bright one. After all, it is still better to contact the specialists and entrust painting tiles to them so that the result does not give you any doubt.

How to prepare for painting?

  • You can help the employees of the company who will perform your renovation. The first thing to do is to take out of the bathroom everything that can be on the way: furniture, accessories, various jars and bottles. If some interior items you cannot physically move, cover them with a plastic wrap so that the spray of paint does not get to the surface.
  • Do not forget about the condition of the tile itself: before the specialists arrive, you need to clean it, so that it is ready for repainting. Do not forget that for this purpose, it is necessary to choose only professional quality products that can clean the tile from any stains, even the old ones.

Where to order repainting?

Certainly, in Miami Bathtubs. We have professionals, who know how to handle different types of paint and how to achieve an excellent result. In our next article, we will tell you what exactly we can repaint tile with.