Plastic and marble bathtubs: features, advantages and important nuances

If you decided not to install a bathtub made of acrylic or cast iron – materials commonly used in majority of bathtub models – then it’s reasonable to look through other options. Fiberglass plastic and cultured marble, for instance.

Why these materials? It’s simple: they have excellent technical characteristics and can serve you more than a decade if properly taken care of.

Features and advantages of plastic bathtubs

  • The opinion that plastic bathtubs are not durable is ungrounded. Plastic bathtubs are sufficiently strong to withstand heavy loads. Specialists strengthen plastic with fiberglass to increase its durability.
  • It is also believed that plastic bathtubs are only good for bathing kids. In fact, they are good for any needs. Fiberglass plastic is often used in manufacture of shower booth trays.
  • Plastic bathtubs can be easily restored, especially if you find the company specializing in bathtub repairs.
  • In the process of manufacturing, plastic bathtubs cover with acrylic. That’s why their color remains bright and saturated regardless of the actual exploitation period.

Features and advantages of cultured marble bathtubs

  • If a cultured marble bathtub is made in accordance with the basic production techniques, it becomes high durable and resistant to mechanical damages.
  • Such models have good abrasion characteristics, coating remains unchanged for years.
  • If properly used, a bathtub made of cultured marble can last for 45-50 years.
  • This material has an excellent ability to suppress vibration thus making cultured marble bathtubs perfectly suitable for installation of hydro massaging devises. Plastic doesn’t have this quality. Plastic bathtub’s walls would start to vibrate together with the water in it.

What’s better: to keep the original color or refinish bathtub?

It all depends on your choice. You can always find dozens of bathtub models of different shades in specialized stores, but it’s also possible to just change your current bathtub color, whether you decide to have some general renovation or for any other reason. It’s quite realistic. There are special coating types for both cultured marble and plastic bathtubs.

We don’t recommend refinishing your bathtub on your own. If you want your bathtub coating to look perfect, contacting professionals is a better idea. Here in Miami Bathtubs, we offer fast and effective refinishing services. We use only professional tools and guarantee excellent results. Call us now!