Problematic zones in a bathroom: tips on how and what to firm them with

Bathroom is an area with a constantly high humidity level. Therefore, you should take into consideration that no matter how good your finishing materials are, there are some problematic zones in your bathroom that will always require your closest attention. They should be thoroughly protected from being exposed to moisture, otherwise fixing will be required soon.

What are these zones?

Let’s take a closer look into them because there is a chance you may take care of those areas of concern during your house renovation in the future.

Main areas of concern in your bathroom:

  • It is certainly a spot where your bathtub and tiles splice or meet. A large amount of grouting should be applied to leave no space in between. However, not everyone applies the grout correctly and qualitatively.
  • It is also a shower, especially if it’s a tiled one and not a separate box with a solid door. Due to the amount of water making contact with tiles every day, the grout eventually becomes no longer good for use, especially when it is a mixture of cheap, unreliable constituent products.
  • Let’s not forget about the space you use when stepping out from your bathtub. If you don’t pull the curtain preventing your floor from getting wet, you can easily get a serious slip and fall injury. Buying a nice non-slip mat will be a good idea.

How to solve these problems if they actually arise?

In the first case, you’ll definitely need help of competent specialists. Miami Bathtubs will send a qualified specialist to your location where he/she will cover the grout between your bathtub and tiles with a layer of silicone, thus, making it waterproof and long lasting. We only use professional supplies that extend products’ exploitation period and guarantee excellent results.

We can also take care of shower room tiles if you have an issue there. Strengthening the grout and checking tile condition will be only necessary precautions in this situation. All damaged items will be replaced in less than an hour.

The only thing you’ll need to take care of yourself is a soft bath mat. It’ll be pretty easy to find a great one if you take some time to look through variety of bath mats at specialized stores.

Here, at Miami Bathtubs, we are here to solve all problems associated with your bathroom repair – just call us and see. Welcome!