Professional Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom looks old and needs some renovation? We offer professional bathtub, sink and tile restoration services in residential premises, any real estate, college dormitories, apartment complexes and hotels.

Liquid acrylic and enamel are usually used for bathtub and sink restoration while restoration of products made of artificial and natural stone or ceramics requires usage of special polymer compositions and coatings.

Liquid Acrylic

Liquid acrylic is an impact-resistant, wearproof enamel made of raw imported by European manufacturers. Bathtub, refinished with liquid acrylic, will last another 15-20 years, if properly cared for. Taking care of your bathtub is easy. Cleaning products recommended by professionals can be easily bought in stores or ordered online with delivery.

Specialists work on (align, degrease) the surface of the old bathtub. Acrylic is applied right after to fill in all cracks and cover uneven spots on the surface. Excess liquid flows down through the drain hole into a specially prepared container. All the process takes 1-2 hours. You get an ideally flat, glossy surface as a result and can start using your bathtub in 24 hours.


Modern enamels, used for restoration of bathtubs, sinks and other items, are completely safe and lasting. They can be colored in different shades. Enamel can be applied repeatedly, however, this is a more expensive procedure.

There are situations when enamel can’t be used for bathtub refinishing. For example, enamel can’t be applied when a bathtub is badly deformed and it’s impossible to correct its shape by priming. In this case specialists can offer another restoration option. For example, an acrylic liner is one of the options. Restoration options vary as each case is individual.

Tile Restoration

Restoration of ceramic tiles requires great experience. It’s important to consider all the details. Correct decision can be made if the following conditions are considered:

  • humidity level in the room;
  • quality of the original tile laying;
  • surface type;
  • impact related damage risks, etc.

It often becomes clear during the process of tile restoration that full repair is inevitable. Miami Bathtubs professionals can perform partial tile replacement and do chips and cracks repair. We restore wall, floor and screen tiles helping your bathroom to regain that beautiful, “delicious” look!

Stone Sinks and Countertops Restoration

It’s not easy to choose the right mastic to repair products made of artificial and natural stone. Only highly qualified specialists know how to perform this type of restoration, where to get most qualitative compositions and what tools to use for work.

We recommend you not to perform restoration yourself, but to invite Miami Bathtubs professionals instead! You’ll enjoy our high-quality service!