Proper care of the shower cabin

Shower cabin in the house is not only joy but also a constant hassle. It is difficult to keep it in a perfect condition. There would always be stains and traces of shower gel on the glass doors and the walls remained. Besides, you can still accidentally scratch the surface. This problem cannot be solved with a damp sponge or cloth.


Why is it so complicated to take care of the shower cabin?

The answer is simple: its components are made of different materials, so finding a universal detergent that could work on the entire cabin, is not an easy task. The materials could be listed as follows:

  • the pallet may be made of acrylic, stone, ceramic, steel or iron;
  • faucets, caps, hinges and shelves, which are located inside the cabin, usually are made of chrome-plated steel;
  • doors, partitions and very often roof, are made of glass (opaque or transparent), as well as of polycarbonate or plastic similar to it.

That is why it is practically impossible to standardize the process of cleaning. Glass would be damaged by abrasives. As for acrylic and enamel (it is used for metal trays’ surface), it does not endure detergents that contain chlorine or alkalis.


Degrees of care

  1. Routine cleaning (daily) is a procedure which is done immediately after your shower has been used. This should be done in order to remove all the traces of soap, or salt deposits from the doors and walls of the cabin. First, rinse the surface with hot water, then ? with cold water, and finally wipe everything dry.
  2. Basic care (thorough) is cabin treatment, which is usually done once a month. It is not the frequency of treatments that matters. It is a matter of using special and strong detergents
  3. Intensive care is needed in case when the cabin’s condition is far from being perfect. It helps to get rid of rust and severe dirt.  Also, intensive care would be the best treatment, when shower cabin hasn’t been used for a long period of time.


What could be used?

Study the content of universal cleaners: among them you will definitely find the one that is suitable for your shower cabin. We advise you to look closely at some of the sprayers, that became popular recently. They are very easy to use: apply, but do not spread, and after a while, rinse or wipe.

With regard to materials that can be used to get rid of the detergent, you can use:

  • soft scrapers made of rubber or polyurethane;
  • synthetic sponges;
  • soft tissues;
  • microfiber.