Provence Bathroom Decor Ideas

Provence is the style that stirs vague memories of a weekend spent in a small cozy country-house. Pastel color palette, delicate elegant foliage patterns, a lot of antique or artificially aged interior elements, — all of this creates an atmosphere of coziness and serenity.

What are the pleasing features of the Provence style? It helps to elude the hustle and bustle of the city, to create a calm place in the heart of the house, where no one can disturb your peace of mind. Therefore, bathroom decoration in such a style should be a great idea since it is the place where a person can stay alone with himself.

It is not much of a leap to add several Provence style elements to the decor. All you need is suitable materials.

Vintage Cabinets and Laundry Baskets

If you have no idea where to store towels and numerous bottles, turn your attention to the vintage accessories and suitably matched furniture:

  • woven or metal carved basket perfectly suits for linen storing;
  • miniature antique dresser with elegant feet will be a nice choice for storing some small things;
  • as for the towels, you may opt for an ancient rack, ornamented with metal or wood decorative elements.

Things of such a kind may be found at the jumble market. If you have none nearby, we recommend taking a closer look at the contemporary brands launching vintage collections.

Window Decor

Do you have a window in your bathroom? Well, if yes, then you are really a lucky one! There two main advantages in having a window: firstly, it offers a scope for imagination and design experiments; and secondly, it gives an access to the fresh air, when it’s too hot in the room. An appropriate window decor is half the battle since it creates the first impression of the room appearance.

We recommend adorning your window sill with the flowers tolerable to the high humidity. The live plants enhance any interior’s look.

Appropriate Decor

Except perhaps the minimalism lovers, various pretties are to the liking of everyone – they are fascinating, especially when well matched. In order to decorate a bathroom in the style of Provence, you will need the appropriate accessories – vintage, pretty and designed in a delicate color palette.

Here are the things perfectly fitting into the room:

  • the vials and small bottles of the same style; as a rule, the vintage fit the best in this case, they can also be found at the jumble market;
  • woven decorative elements – for example, if the bathroom is spacious enough, you may screen it off with the elegant room screen.