Rules and Features of Laying Tiles on the Floor

Tiles are the best material for the bathroom floor, but laying tiles is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The whole process consists of several stages, during which you should consider some details, so that the result does not disappoint you.

Preparatory stage

  • First, you need to measure the room and make sure that all corners are even. Divergences in most cases are still possible, but if you take them into consideration during tile laying process, it is not critical.
  • Then remove the old material, and clean the surface so that it is ready to lay new tile.
  • And do not forget to prepare all the necessary building mixtures and tools.

How to fix the floor

Tiles should be placed on a flat, hard and polished surface. It means that you need not only to get rid of the old tile, but also wash and dry the surface thoroughly.

Regardless of its kind, we recommend making the surface casting with a self-leveling mixture – if the ceiling height allows, of course. Due to such surface casting, you can even out all the irregularities, and as a result, get the floor without any defects. Do not forget that you need to polish it later.

How to lay a tile

  • The first thing to do is lay a whole tile on the floor, and then allow the grout to dry; the time needed for drying depends on the mixture you have purchased. Surplus of the grout between the tiles is carefully removed with either a sponge or a soft cloth.
  • After you have laid out the whole tile, you need to work with the cuttings, which are usually located along the walls. Do not forget to put a protective cover on the already installed tile, otherwise there may be scratches and indelible stains.
  • When cutting work has been completed, leave the floor until it is fully set, until a monolithic connection appears between the tile and the surface.

The final stage

When the installation of the tile is finished, it means that the glue and troweling are to be cleaned. To choose the right tool, pay attention to the same manufacturer who produces grout and glue.

As a rule, the companies that specialize in building materials, usually produce a complete line of products, so you can easily find the right option.

Work independently or contact the gurus?

It is up to you. However, we strongly recommend not to overestimate your own effort. If you have never repaired anything, it is unlikely that you will get it right the first time. And any errors and corrections involve the waste of money and time.

Addressing to the experts means saving and receiving an excellent result. Employees of Miami Bathtubs guarantee fast and high-quality installation of tiles on the floor of the bathroom and kitchen. To use our services, call (754) 610-0778 at any convenient time. We are waiting for you!