Self-leveling floors for offices: advantages and features

Office flooring must meet multiple criteria: be high durable, resistant to mechanical impact, withstand heavy loads and have an attractive appearance at the same time. It should also be easy to take care of.

Self-leveling flooring is the best coating option for office. The absence of joints between the flooring segments makes it easy to clean it, and the surface is perfectly flat and safe to place furniture and equipment on it.

Types of self-leveling floors

Self-leveling floors can be divided into several types:

  • epoxy
  • cement-acrylic
  • methyl methacrylate
  • polyurethane

The last type – polyurethane flooring – is commonly used in the offices. Polyurethane flooring gives more opportunities to make your design fantasies real. On the other hand, epoxy flooring would be a better option for a company with a warehouse.


Self-leveling floors have been getting more popular lately, and it’s reasonable since they have a lot of advantages:

  • Long exploitation period – up to 40 years, if properly cared for;
  • High abrasion resistance – no scratches and cracks;
  • Hygiene – there is no space for dirt to accumulate due to the joints absence;
  • Environmental friendliness – all constituent materials are hypoallergenic and completely harmless to humans and the environment;
  • Resistance to chemicals – no matter how strong are the cleaning products you use, it will not have a negative impact on the condition of your floor.

Monochrome or multicolored?

It all depends on your office rules and your management vision of an appropriate design. If we are talking about a space rented by a law firm, dark decent floors, imitating wood or marble, will look more appropriate than anything else. But if you work in an event planning company, you could probably choose some bright ornaments for your new floor. It can become a great solution for your office decor. Please feel free to contact Miami Bathtubs to order a new self-leveling flooring. Highly qualified specialists will complete your project in no time guaranteeing excellent results.