Self-leveling floors versus tile. Choosing bathroom floor finishing material.

Two main problems that need to be addressed before starting your bathroom remodeling are flooring choice and wall finishing material choice. It’s pretty hard as each option has its unique features, so it’s better to take into consideration all the details before shopping in a specialized store.

There are two main types of flooring – self-leveling floors and tile. Let’s review both of them to find out what makes them special and how they differ.

The advantages of choosing self-leveling floors

  • Durability: this finishing material can serve up to 40 years if properly installed. Other options can’t guarantee that.
  • This material looks very aesthetic being a single monolith and having no joints or seams.
  • It’s extremely easy to take care of self-leveling floors: it’s enough to just wash them with plain water once a week.
  • They provide excellent grip with any surface, therefore, it doesn’t matter what surface to install them on.

Are there any disadvantages?

Self-leveling floors also have minuses like everything else in the world. Firstly, the working surface must be leveled as carefully as possible before the installation, otherwise there will be bumps at the end. Secondly, it’s pretty expensive to install self-leveling floors compared to ordinary tiles.

The advantages of using tile as a finishing material

  • It’s absolutely environmentally friendly and safe as it doesn’t contain any toxic substances.
  • The best feature of ceramic tiles is moisture resistance. Not only this material is waterproof, but it also prevents the appearance of mold and doesn’t absorb odors.
  • Tile tolerates any mechanical impact including heavy loading. There are no scratches and other minor damages due to a special protecting layer that it has.

What are the disadvantages?

Ceramic tile definitely has certain minuses. First of all, we should admit that it’s very cold. Its thermal conductivity is very high, so it can be unpleasant to step on it. Also, it doesn’t really protect from extraneous noise and requires an additional insulation layer to be installed.

What’s the conclusion?

It’s better to choose tile as a finishing material if you intend to save some money. However, you should pay attention to self-leveling floors if you are worried about future condition of joints and seems and if you want to get one-piece coating. It’s better not to do remodeling on your own anyway, but leave it for professionals to do it for you.