Shower cabin usage related problems

A shower cabin is much more convenient and economical than a full bath. But often under certain conditions some parts of the booth break. Let’s discuss breakdown types and learn how to eliminate them.

Breakdown Causes

There are several main reasons causing shower cabin breakdowns, but the below three are considered most important:

  • poor-quality installation
  • failure to follow exploitation rules
  • power outages

Even an insignificant installation error can lead to tray cracking, siphon clogging or glass damage. The siphon and parts connected to it get clogged often if not cleaned on a regular basis. Sudden electricity outages can lead to the failure of electrical equipment.

Breakdown Types

Shower cabin damages can include:

  1. Core element damages – bathtub and glass cracks, rollers and loops breakage, plastic parts wear-out;
  2. Plumbing malfunction – mixer breakage, siphon/bailer/hose clogging;
  3. Electrical appliance damages – failure of steam generators, lighting, radio, remote control and/or sensors.

Do not try to repair damaged electrical or electronic appliances yourself once problems are identified. You risk spending a lot of money on both new parts and subsequent professional services.

What to do if something is damaged?

If the rollers are damaged and your doors are jammed, you’ll need to buy new accessories. Pay special attention to the diameter of the new roller wheels. The old roller wheels and the new ones should have same diameter, however, deviations of 5 mm or less are allowed. Anticorrosive agents should be applied regularly if you’d like to extend accessories’ service life.

It’s easy to replace them: you’ll need to first remove the door, then the rollers, install the new parts, adjust spaces in between and tighten the nuts, then put the sashes back to where they were. If the metal parts of the box are rusty, then be prepared to get grinding, degreasing and painting tools and products. Clean damaged areas from rust, apply some auto-putty, then clean and degrease the surface using acetone or ammonia solution and apply some can paint.

In the event of cabin leak, bathtub damage or plumbing breakage, it is better not to make any attempts to repair them on your own. Let the specialists solve the problem. Call Miami Bathtubs. Our specialists will arrive shortly to perform a qualitative repair of your shower cabin.