Types of shower cabins

If you do not like long soaking in a bath and think that it is just a waste of space, a shower cabin could be a good alternative. A quick shower will cheer you up in the morning and will help you relax in the evening.

Cabin installation is a short case, especially if you contact the professionals. But here it is necessary to choose carefully: some people do not care where to bathe, others will be happy with only a specific type

All shower cabins are divided into two types:

  • Open shower cabins;
  • Closed shower cabins or shower boxes.


Open shower cabins

They do not have a ceiling, and two or three walls would be a bathroom wall, because such cabin is often placed in the corner. This version is the most common. It is referred to economy class, so the installation of such cabin is affordable to anyone.

For high-quality installation of open shower cabin it is necessary:

  • to dress the bathroom with waterproofing material;
  • to level the floor in the cabin so that it is straight and does not lurch;
  • to level the ceiling.

All that is required is to ensure that the cabin has been sealed. One roughness, and all efforts turn to ashes.

With regard to the procedures that can be performed in the open shower cabin, it is necessary to take into account some limitations: for example, aromatherapy or Turkish bath is not the best option due to the absence of the ceiling.

Open shower cabin is a good solution for small rooms: it takes up little space, especially if you install transparent and inward open doors.


Closed shower cabins

These models, which are also referred to as shower boxes, are perfect for more spacious premises. This design has its own walls on all sides and a roof.

The main advantage of the closed shower cabin is a fairly simple installation. The main thing is to understand the supply and discharge of water. Then, in the future, there will be no difficulties. In addition, they may be both simple and multifunctional.

Functions of closed shower cabins:

  • Hydro massage;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Turkish bath;
  • Ventilation and much more.