Shower door installation ideas

Comfortable shower cabin is an excellent decision for a bathroom. It is space-saving and stylish. Sometimes it can be installed together with a bathtub, sometimes instead of it: it depends on the room space.

The door of a shower cabin deserves special attention. It is an important detail of the interior and it should be decorated according to a style of the bathroom.

Why is shower cabin a good idea?

  • Shower installation takes a little while and if you chose the right company, it is almost silent
  • a great number of models allows easily choose the cabin which fits well into the room and matches with its style
  • Cost of shower installation doesn’t break your budget – it is a better deal than buying an expensive bathtub

Installing the shower cabin, have a look at its door. If you don’t like it, it pays to bring in adjustments.


Shower door installation: design ideas

Basic standard cabins usually look simple and unpretentious: transparent walls, blank white as the basic color, no decoration. Not everyone likes this.

 What to do to make a shower cabin look more expressive?

  • Stained glass is never out of fashion; with its help you can transform the door beyond recognition. The customer can choose between subtle patterns or real painting.
  • If you don’t want to replace door glass because shower door replacement is extra fuss, you can use waterproof stickers. Heavy humidity in the bathroom won’t impact them but when it is necessary you can easily take them away and put new ones.
  • For those who prefer taking shower and not worrying about personal space, there is a possibility to install an opaque dark glass door. It is convenient if you share an apartment with people who can come in the bathroom without knocking.
  • If you like fancy bright accents, there is an original designer solution called colored glass. It is not stained glass. Here, the walls and the door are of one particular color. In comparison with usual transparent door it looks fresh and new.

What if the shower cabin is in poor condition?

First, do not rush to throw it out and buy a new one. Shower cabin repair is a better solution, so first contact the specialists: probably your cabin can still be saved.

Second, see if you can fix all the flaws with the new design. Sometimes, it saves shower cabin from dumpster. If it is in working condition, but appearance is poor, you can definitely try saving it with new design.

Third, if you can fix nothing by yourself, be sure to ask for help from experienced designer: he or she will tell you what to do to make an old shower cabin visually attractive.