Sink Placed by the Window: Pros and Cons

The idea of ​​placing sinks by the window came to us from England, where it was customary to arrange kitchens so that housewives could admire their gardens most of the time. Later, this design solution appeared in American interiors and then gradually spread throughout the world. This is still an incredibly beautiful option for nowadays homeowners having almost all household chores performed by appliances (including dishwashing machines).

Advantages of Placing Sinks by the Windows

This method of sink arrangement has a doubtless aesthetic function. Such an arrangement can turn an ordinary hand dishwashing process into a part of meditation and give you an opportunity to get rid of stress and enjoy your solitude for a little while. Simple dishwashing manipulations help your mind release negative emotions and, in combination with observing the world from the window, can really become as beneficial as visiting a psychologist.

Natural daylight has a soothing effect as well as it helps to save some electricity and eliminates multiple light installation problems.

This method can significantly help you save some space. Additional working surface along the wall becomes available and most of the time it is as convenient to use as the main one. Such a configuration becomes even more beneficial when combining the kitchen with the hall or the dining room.

The window sill expands the workspace and you get extra storage for kitchen utensils, plants or interior items.

Disadvantages of Placing Sinks by the Windows

Have you washed your kitchen window recently? You will now catch yourself constantly looking at tiny water and detergent splashes on it. Anyway, you’ll start washing your kitchen window more frequently.

Where will you put your dishes after washing? Most likely, you’ll need to get table dryers. This change won’t affect those who never had hanging cupboards with dryers over their sinks.

It will now also become undesirable to collect dirty dishes in the sink. Detergents and utensils will have to be kept away as this part of your kitchen will now become the most visible spot from both inside and outside. You might find it problematic to open the window for ventilation purposes. It’s important to avoid breaking a sink faucet with your window sashes in case they are placed too close to each other. If you don’t have a remote control on your window, opening and closing it manually can be pretty hard and time-consuming.

Experienced plumbers will help you properly install all necessary communications and calculate the angle of plumbing pipes’ slope. A pumping unit installation is required in some cases. Remember, sink and window sill installation and adjustments for people of non-standard height can be very problematic. It will lead to bigger expenses. But everything is possible when it comes to professionals. Just call Miamibathtubs for services and we will make your dreams come true!