Small corner bathtubs: types and features

A corner bathtub is a great solution for small bathroom owners. A corner bathtub is the best option for those who enjoy taking hot baths with foam and salt and consider a shower only as a fast refreshing mean.

Corner bathtubs are easy to fit in small bathrooms due to their convenient shape. There are multiple variants to choose from. So you’ll definitely find something that matches your needs as long as you know what features to pay attention to while shopping. Let’s get into some details.

Shape choice

A great variety of corner bathtubs will make it easy for you to find the right one once you know exactly what you are looking for. The following are the shapes you can encounter:

  • A quadrant-shaped symmetric model looks great and easily fits any room corner. You’ll feel very comfortable in it due to its spaciousness;
  • A trapezoid or truncated oval-shaped asymmetric model will allow you to stretch and fully relax. You can also use a shower curtain if needed.


Best material options

Corner bathtubs are rarely made of cast iron and can only be used for retro designing purposes. Finding the right cast iron bathtub won’t be easy due to its limited choice as this material itself is hard to work with.

Stainless steel corner bathtubs are considered a more common alternative. They are known for their light weight and affordable prices. There are also some disadvantages: the water in such bathtubs cools down fast and it gets quite noisy when you try to fill them up.

Acrylic bathtubs are most popular. Acrylic is a durable, light and comparably inexpensive material. There is a great variety of models to choose from, including expensive ones. But due to a high demand in acrylic you’ll always find an option meeting your needs and fitting your budget.

Artificial marble is a great material for luxury lovers. Bathtubs made of artificial marble can either be dazzling white or imitate natural marble texture. Their high cost is the only disadvantage. Getting such a model will require big funds.

Steps after finding the right bathtub

To avoid possible damages during transportation and installation it’s important to order professional services. Miami Bathtubs company will do it in no time. Just give us a call to order your service! We specialize in bathroom remodeling and handle any bathtub installation projects, whatever the case may be.

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