Steam Generating Shower Booth: Features and Benefits. Part II

In our previous article we discussed a great sauna alternative option – a steam generating shower booth – and why you should really think of purchasing one for yourself.

A home sauna is a valuable item to have. People start understanding its value when they realize that it’s not difficult to install. A shower booth can also provide you with sauna effects while requiring less special equipment. In our previous article we also spoke a little bit about an opportunity to get a model with additional functions such as backlight, aromatherapy and a built-in player.

What positive effects can a steam generating shower booth have on your health?

First, it has been proven that regular sauna visits positively affect your skin making it softer, smoother and more elastic. Also, a combination of sauna visits and a suitable set of exercises is an excellent anti-cellulitis measure.

Secondly, a steam generating shower booth can significantly help you relieve your stress. Sauna is a great mean of relaxation. The presence of a shower booth with sauna effect at home will prevent you from wasting your time on sauna trips. If you have a stressful job, a steam generating shower booth is something you may really need.

What are the criteria you should base your choice on?

There are several main things to consider before making a purchase, other than those nuances we have discussed previously. To name a few important criteria:

  • Shower booth type – open or closed.
  • Shape and size. We would like to remind the owners of small bathrooms to pay their attention to perfectly matching corner models.
  • Your shower booth material. Even plastic models are known for their reliability and durability. However, it’s always better to purchase products from proven manufacturers to avoid wasting money on poor quality models.
  • External design – we talked about it in our previous article: a shower booth mismatching your bathroom interior design will catch your attention all the time.

Is it expensive?

Yes, a steam generating shower booth will surely cost you more than a standard model, but according to the owners of such shower booths, the effect is worth the price. Therefore, we recommend overpaying once, but really enjoy your purchase for decades. You can order your shower booth installation service here in Miami Bathtubs Company. Call us at your earliest convenience to schedule it for your desired date. Welcome!