Steel bathtubs: features and choice criteria

If you are not ready to spend big funds on plumbing renovation, a steel bathtub will be a great option for you. Steel bathtubs are usually presented in a big variety of models which are comparably inexpensive. Finding the right model is quite easy.

Talking about features, bathtubs made of steel are as good as their expensive alternatives. They keep your water warm for extended periods of time, look very aesthetic and have long service life if properly taken care of.

There are some important nuances you should consider when shopping. Let’s go over them.

Choice criteria

  • The size of your bathtub should fully satisfy all family members’ needs and requirements. You need to make sure everyone feels comfortable when using it.
  • Its spaciousness is also something that has to be considered by everyone in the family. Elderly people and little children may have problems with getting out of the bathtub safely. So, you need to make sure your bathtub is not too deep if you have little children or seniors in your family.
  • Secure bath fixity is also very important. Check if your bathtub feet are strong enough and positioned correctly to make sure your purchase stands reliably giving no lurch when stepped in.
  • A good quality steel bathtub must have a perfect surface. Such bathtubs are covered with enamel which extends their service life if correctly applied.

Checking enamel quality

High-quality surface feels perfectly smooth when touched. If it feels different, that may only mean that enamel was applied improperly. Uneven surface will quickly get dirty making the owners waste their time on cleaning it twice as much.

Take your time to look at your bathtub at different angles. If you notice that its color varies in shade in some spots, it means that enamel was applied unevenly, and there is a big chance of chipping in the area where its layer is too thin.

Take a look at your bathtub drain. Drain leveled with or placed above the surface level will prevent water from flowing down completely. The area where water stagnation occurs will get yellow with the time.

What to do once you found your dream bathtub

Contact professionals to order installation services. Lack of experience in bathtub installation and transportation may result in enamel damage and consequent repair expenses.

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