Stone bathroom floor: benefits and drawbacks

You probably noticed how luxurious floors made of natural stone look. It is considered to be one of the most popular materials for finishing bathroom, and it is not without reason. It changes any interior unrecognizably.

If you decide to use stone for bathroom floors, this article will help you to make the right choice.


This finishing is distinguished by a unique pattern, which can consist of dozens of shades. Each marble tile is unique. This stone can be of different colors: cherry, white, green, pink, brown, beige, and it is not a full list of colors.

What you need to know when buying marble:

  • you need to handle the floors finished with this material very carefully, any spot can stay so that it will be necessary to change the damaged piece;
  • marble is a rather expensive stone, and you should buy it only if you are really sure that you are ready to pay a lot of money for the finishing of the floor;
  • it is necessary to use only special products for the cleaning of marble floors, don’t use universal ones.


It is a natural calcareous tuff, a classic finishing that is easily recognized by the small holes and colored garland on the surface. Usually, quite large tiles made of travertine are sold in specialized stores, so this material is perfect for spacious rooms.

Travertine looks differently,  its surface looks like a tree a little bit, but it easily matches the decor of any bathroom.

What you need to know when choosing this stone:

  • travertine perfectly matches any other finishing materials, so it will be easy to combine it with anything else;
  • due to its open-textured structure, this stone is not easy to maintain;
  • it is necessary to apply a special impregnation for travertine after installation, which will prevent absorption of moisture.


It is a rock formation, and its color varies from light gray to saturated black. Slat is indispensable for bathrooms in the Scandinavian style. Its feature is that, if necessary, it is easy to divide it on separate plates.

What you need to know, if you want to buy slat:

  • The main benefit is water resistance. This stone is ideal for bathroom finishing.
  • Slat is highly resistant to direct sunlight.
  • However, this material quickly cools. So think about buying a thick carpet not to feel cold when going out of the bath.

Where to order the installation?

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