How to upgrade the bathroom: storage system for little things. Part 1

Sometimes even the most stylish interior look wrong because of tiny details that are kept improperly. Bottles for shampoos and shower gels, tools for manicure, brushes and sponges, ? it all builds up, and eventually the room looks messy and unsightly.

If you want to handle it, all you need is to arrange a convenient storage system. We’ll show you the tricks how to make your bathroom look completely different.


Buy folding table

Miniature folding table near the bathroom or sink is a great solution. There are several reasons for this:

  • it has all you need every day, that is a minimum kit of skin care products, toothbrushes and toothpaste;
  • such table does not require a lot of space;
  • when guests arrive, you can simply fold it up and put away, freeing up the space.


Pour everything in identical bottles

If you are confused by the unpleasant look of the row of colored bottles, it makes sense to buy a set of identical bottles of different shapes. You can find them in any specialty store of household goods.

Perhaps, you feel that this is nonsense, but in reality, well-chosen bottles fit perfectly in the interior and make the scenery complete.


Pick up special containers for cotton products

If you belong to those who do not like to keep Q-tips in the conventional semi-transparent box and cotton sponges in plastic one, we are not surprised. It really does not look good. Depending on what style you have in the design of the bathroom, you can choose the containers of the most suitable material.

Most often they are made of:

  • metal;
  • glass;
  • porcelain;
  • plastic.

You should consider the fact that the containers for cotton products also perform another function: they not only look aesthetically pleasing and fit into the interior of the room, but also protect the Q-tips and sponges from moisture. This is especially important if the bathroom is small and the water splashes in all directions.