The proper way to furnish your bathroom

When you are moving in a new house and working on the interior of the bathroom, it is important to choose not only a bathtub, a shower cabin and a sink, but other interior elements as well. Floor tiles, wall tiles and furniture make a big difference.

How to create a complete, well rounded image:

  • think over all the elements before you go shopping. First, decide which materials you like, what colors you choose;
  • use the help of a professional designer who will develop a complete project for you.

If you do decide to take up the matter yourself, then you should start with the design of the walls and the floors, and only then choose the furniture.



It’s very difficult to find a perfect option that would fit in your bathroom among dozens of well-known manufacturers.

However, it is quite possible if you follow a few basic rules:

  • Gloss tiles are for the walls, matte tiles are for the floor. Otherwise, glossy layer on the floor will be erased very soon, and you will be in danger of accidental slipping and falling  down;
  • Do not be afraid to use one color. Darker shade is for the floor, same color in a lighter shade is for the walls;
  • Be careful with ornaments, especially if you are new in the interior designing. It is better to choose a light, discreet pattern.



Bathroom is not the place for a lot of furniture, but a few items you need to purchase. First of all, look out a convenient storage unit or a cabinet with several departments to fit in your towels and other bath accessories. On the top shelf of the unit or the top of the cabinet we suggest putting everything that you might need during your bathing routine.

Also note that convenient wall cabinets are indispensable in the bathroom. They would be a great storage place for all your shampoos, shower gels and other cosmetics.

All furniture should be made of material that does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture; otherwise you will have to replace it quite often.



 It is clearly too much for the bathroom to decorate it with a large number of elements. But you should think about couple essentials.

  • laundry basket, in case if washing machine is also in the bathroom;
  • lbath curtain, especially if you take a shower in the bathtub, but do not install the shower cabin.