Tile Flooring: pros and cons

When choosing bathroom flooring, first of all you need to find out what technical characteristics and features it has; if it is suitable for the rooms with high humidity; whether it is durable and long-lasting.

Tiles usually do not raise any questions. This is the most common finishing material, which is available in hundreds of options. However, before you buy it, you should take into account that each flooring type has not only advantages, but also drawbacks — and tiles are no exception.

Pros of tile flooring

  • Tiles are environmentally friendly and contain sand and several types of clay, which are completely non-toxic and safe substances for people and animals.
  • Tiles can bear significant loads – they feature high durability. This is due to the fact that the elements of tiles are made by the method of hot pressing and roasting.
  • Moisture resistance is a feature priceless for a room like a bathroom. Tiles don’t absorb odors, and there are more than enough odors in a bathroom. Tiles don’t give rise to mold and fungus and don’t let grease and water pass. Joints between elements, of course, are weak spots, but there are special protective compounds for them.
  • Tiles are durable enough. Years later, colors of tiles remain bright – and this is great news for everyone who prefers flooring in unusual, saturated tones. The protective layer protects tiles from minor damages – scratches, mashing, chips etc.
  • This flooring is very easy to take care of. It is fire resistant, and not afraid of a sharp temperature drop (which happens quite often in the bathroom). It does not deform.

Drawbacks of tile flooring

Of course, there is no such material that could be called perfect. There are drawbacks to any type of finishing, and tiles are no exception. Its weaknesses are not critical, but they exist, nevertheless.

  • High thermal conductivity makes the tile very cold regardless of the season. You can put a couple of mats on the floor, or you can use the “warm floor” system and be 100% sure that getting out of the bath will not cause you any inconvenience.
  • The tile is good for serious weights, but it is fragile when it comes to dropping heavy objects, especially metal ones. You need to be careful here. The same with transportation: if you do not pack the tiles carefully enough, some of the elements will break on the way.
  • Another drawback is weak soundproofing. If you have decided to order tile installation, think about an additional layer that absorbs noise. This will make the stacking process more expensive, but the result is worth it.
  • The tile is very slippery, unless you find an option with a special rough surface. It is no accident that mats are always placed next to the bathroom: there is a danger of slipping.

You can eventually take care of all these things: order sound insulation; make the floors warm; find an option for tiles with a non-slippery surface and try not to drop anything on it. We also recommend you to get the contacts of a trusted renovation company, which, if necessary, can quickly replace the damaged fragment of the tiles with the new one.

Where to order the installation?

Miami Bathtubs has extensive experience in working with all floor coatings, and it will easily install a tile in your bathroom. Just call us and choose the right day when we can arrive. Welcome to our company!