Tile installation and bathroom flooring ideas

What to start a bathroom d?cor with? With the choice of the bathtub and tiles. These are two basic design elements, so their choice and purchase is especially important.

Once everything is purchased, you need to get to work. Installing the tiles and the floor in the bathroom is not easy, especially if you have no experience. If you are afraid to make a mistake, refer to the specialists to save time and money. Our team can quickly cope with this task.

Features of tile installation

  • Before gluing the tile, you need to calculate everything accurately. Sometimes, it is not enough elements for all the walls in the bathroom. This occurs when your calculations are wrong, or when you do not think about any calculations before going to the store.
  • Installation of the tile often requires adjustment of certain elements. If the space is left for less than one tile, you need to get rid of the remnants. To do this, you need specific tools.

Secrets of bathroom flooring

  • A method of flooring depends on what material you choose. Some people prefer tiles, but there are other options. However, the tiles is the most convenient, economical and suitable material for the room.
  • As in the previous case, the precise calculations are very important.
  • Do not try to install the bathtub before installing the floor. We know that sometimes it happens. After that, as a rule, you have to lift the bathtub and take it out of the room. It may scratch the tiles that have already been pasted on the wall, and cause a lot of problems.


Tile installation and bathroom flooring design ideas

It is important to work out every detail in bathroom design. In particular, this applies to the tiles on the walls and on the floor. How can you achieve the appearance of a solid, bright image?

Do not be afraid to experiment and play on contrasts. Many people prefer to tile the walls and the floor with the same color. However, it is the classic version, and not everyone likes it. The contrast colors look brighter.

Tile pattern does not go out of style. The main thing is to correctly place it. You can order ready-patterned tiles, or paint them by yourself. An experienced artist or designer can also help with applying the pattern.

Curly tiled bathroom is a popular option that can diversify the interior and make it more vivid. For this purpose, you can choose a different color of the tiles so that the accent is obvious. For example, if the entire bathroom is designed in white tones, and a tiled pattern on the wall is bright-blue, it will look interesting and unusual.

If you do not see the design of your bathroom, please contact Miami Bathtubs, and our designer will help you!