Tiled shower room: advantages and disadvantages

Tiled shower cabin is an incredibly popular option, especially appreciated by the owners of small bathrooms. If you are not sure how to save some space, you will definitely benefit from tiled finish, which will conveniently zone your space and at the same time will help you to avoid using bulky shower trays or boxes.

However, this material will require to be cared appropriately in order to retain its original appearance for a long time. We will explain how to care of a tiled shower and what to do if some of its elements are no longer good for use.

Why is it good to have a tiled shower room?

  • This is an ideal decision for those who are concerned that the standard cabin will not coincide with the general interior style and will ruin the whole ensemble. You can either decorate the shower section using same tile type you have done for the whole bathroom or, vise versa, play with the contrasts – either choice will look incredibly exquisite.
  • Taking care of a tiled shower room is quite easy – several nuances will need to be taken into consideration, including your choice of high quality cleaning substances. Other than that, it’s very similar to maintenance of tile walls and floor.
  • It’s also quite easy to solve a problem if there is any damage – replacing the damaged item will be just enough. Of course, we do not recommend doing this on your own: experienced bathroom repair professional’s service will ensure the best result.

Are there any difficulties?

Let’s keep in mind that tile always was and remains quite delicate material, very sensitive to mechanical impact. It should be maintained carefully and no heavy objects can be dropped on it, otherwise, you may eventually notice couple serious cracks.

You should also remember that if the gaps between the tiles are smeared poorly, this may cause two consequences: the better one is that a couple of tile fragments will peel off eventually; the worse one is that mold can appear on the walls of the cabin. Some of its species are harmful to human health, so it’s better get rid of it as soon as possible.

Who to contact if any problem occurs?

Should you have any question regarding your bathroom or kitchen, we recommend you to, please, give us a call at Miami Bathtubs Company number. Our highly qualified personnel will help you solve problems of any complexity in no time.

If you have issues with your tiled shower cabin, we will professionally treat it and apply a special waterproof coating, so that the gaps between tile fragments will be protected from constant exposure to moisture. We will also replace broken elements, get rid of stains and mold and polish the surface so that your tiles will look like it’s brand new. Call us!