Tiles in a bathroom: possible problems, restoration specifics

Tiles have always been one of the mostly used finishing materials for bathroom walls and floors. However, not many people know how to appropriately care for it and soon enough get unpleasantly surprised at how naturally fast it loses its original appearance. After all, tiles require cautious maintenance and quality care, especially when decorated with some painting or any other elements.

What happens when tile is not maintained properly? We will tell you what issues can be expected if that’s the case.

What can actually make your tiles no longer good for use?

  • Wrong selection of cleaning supplies could be the reason #1. It’s important to know that there are two types of tiles – glossy and matte, where the first type is commonly used for wall finishing, and the second type is used for floors. If you clean matte surface with a cleaner designated for glossy surfaces, the rough tile layer will eventually be completely rubbed off, consequently, creating a possibility of slip and fall situation.
  • Strong physical impact is the reason #2. Few types of tiles are resistant to it, so we advise you to get some information on specific technical characteristics of the tile prior to buying finishing material of your choice.
  • Falling of heavy objects on tile floors or powerful hits against tile walls is another reason. Despite its durability, tiles are not designated for actions of this nature; therefore, chips and cracks may appear on its surface.
  • Permanent exposure to moisture. This particular reason may seem weird, especially when you think of the fact that tiles are basically created for premises with high humidity level. However, the surface can deteriorate due to poor troweling between tile fragments: if the gaps are not properly filled in, the tile will start to peel off, and mold may also appear with the time.

What to do if your tiles are in poor condition?

You should definitely contact professionals – our professional team will help you save on restoring only damaged items instead of replacing all tiles in your entire bathroom. Highly experienced professionals at Miami Bathtubs will quickly get your bathroom floors and walls back in order.

What we do:

  • We easily liquidate chips, making tiles flawlessly smooth again;
  • We repair cracks; no longer usable tiles with unrepairable cracks are being removed and replaced with the new ones;
  • We thoroughly fill in the gaps between tile fragments, ensuring the most reliable grouting;
  • If mold has already infected your bathroom floor or walls, we treat the entire room with special substances leaving you at 100% sure it will not ever be back.

To check on and see our services, feel free to call us at any convenient time and we will help you schedule the right date. Welcome!