Tips for Making a Bathroom Feel Cozy

In practice we usually associate dazzling white bathroom, which has no place for some cute little things, with a hospital ward more than with a place where everyone can relax and leave daily cares behind. In order to make a stay in the bathroom pleasant, it should be cozy and comfortable.

Creation of such an atmosphere is not as difficult as it seems at the first sight. All it takes is bearing in mind several details facilitating the task. Also, beyond that point:

  • do not hesitate to experiment;
  • if you are not sure that you can do things on your own, reach out to a professional designer;
  • do not think that there are textures and colors that do not fit in the bathroom — with the experience and courage a completely unexpected satisfactory solution may be found.

Color Palette

If the white color appears to be too bright for you, don’t hesitate to choose dark, deep color shades for bathroom decoration. They will not seem excessively gloomy, because plumbing fixtures will counterbalance them. As a rule, bath, toilet and sink are in white color.

Add a few bright accessories to place the emphasis appropriately — in such way the bathroom will look even more interesting.

Decorative Objects

Only dedicated followers of minimalism usually just arrange furniture and consider themselves satisfied with that. But those who like customized accessories prevalently wonder how to decorate their bathroom.

There is no reason to think that it will lead to cluttering the room with unnecessary things – you do what is better for you. Bathroom is a space where everyone can stay alone with him- or herself. Therefore, whatever happens, this place should be hospitable and warm.

Design solutions can help make it cozier. Perhaps an elegant bouquet of flowers in front of a mirror is exactly what your bathroom is short of. Or, perhaps, you want to buy a delicate woven laundry basket – well, it is a good option.


If there is some free space in the bathroom why not to place several additional interior design items there? For example, you could set a soft cozy pouffe in front of a wide mirror, where you could sit while brushing yourself up.

Sometimes in the most spacious rooms there is a miniature sofa close to a bath tub. It’s a perfect option for a hasteless drying after bathing procedures. However, if you are not sure that the room dimensions are fairly preferable for this option, do not buy extra furniture, otherwise it will look cumbersome.