Tips for Saving Water in the Bathroom

If you like to take a bath for a couple of hours, then you probably know that sometimes it is difficult to use water sparingly. However, it is actually not much of a leap to cut down water use and it’s important to know a few secret tips that will definitely be useful to you.

Appropriate Water Mixer Tap

One of the key points is the choice of right water mixer tap. If you’ve decided not to spend much money, we offer you two versatile options:

  • sensor mixer tap is an excellent and extremely comfortable model. It functions only in case if hands are placed directly below the tap. This means you can brush your teeth being relaxed and knowing that water doesn’t pour into the sink for nothing;
  • lever mixer tap is intended for those who need constant water flow. Its positive side is in much faster water mixing, allowing you to get a stream of the right temperature, without pouring out too much water.

If you are not going to change the mixer tap, do not forget about obvious things: for example, in the process of brushing your teeth it is better to keep the tap closed – you do not need a flow at that moment anyway.

Dual Flush Toilet

Probably everyone remembers early toilet models where the flushing system functioned in such a way that toilet bowl was completely emptied. This is a huge consumption of water, especially taking into account that actually there is no need in usage of so much water.

Modern technology is a whole other story: if you want to buy a toilet, choose that dual flush one. Provided that you will be able to have control over the quantity of water consumed and prevent the waste. The cost of such toilets varies depending on additional functions. There are also affordable budget options.

Shower Unit Instead of Bathtub

Sure, if you prefer to bask in the hot water for hours this way of saving is not for you. But we recommend taking a closer look at comfortable and compact shower cabins. They are especially relevant if you are short of time to brush yourself up prior to work.

Among other things, a shower cabin has the following advantages:

  • if you have a small bathroom, a shower cabin will take up just a little space, so you will feel comfortable;
  • a shower cabin is usually much easier to clean than a bath tub;
  • it can be designed in such way that a drain will be located directly in the floor, providing a trendy solution and substantial space saving.

Needless to say, appropriate shower head choice will result in reducing water consumption. If you doubt that you can find a perfect option, we suggest you contact the consultant in specialty store.