Tropical shower: features and advantages

If you ever happen to be under heavy rain in the middle of summer when it is very hot outside, most probably you are familiar with saving effect of this rain type. Tropical shower – is the system, which is very similar to effect of heavy rain; showerhead has wider holes, so jets are stronger and more resilient. Recently tropical shower is getting hits and more people are requesting installation. It was used in many medical establishments in the past, however now you can enjoy this massage shower at your home.

Advantages of Tropical Shower:

  • you do not have to turn around and deal with hose, as water washes your body evenly due to shower size
  • large resilient jets are extending massage effect, accelerate blood circulation and improve your skin
  • it`s proven that tropical shower is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Half an hour under such shower can wash away bad mood, and you can relax and be away of daytime fatigue.
  • such shower perfectly tones your body, great way to wake up in the mornings or cheer up after hard day at work

Main Types

There are several types of tropical shower; they differ by forms and sizes and each has its own features

  • shower panel – is a big sized panel which is equipped with both tap and showerhead. This type of panel is usually mounted either on the lid of shower both or to ceiling above the bathtub
  • shower stand – simple version of barbell which has attached showerhead. It may be either affixed or may have attached hose depending on your desire and comfortability
  • showerhead – the cheapest and simplest decision. It is enough to purchase showerhead and install it to current water hose

Fitting tropical shower into interior

There is a huge variety of models currently on the market, so it will be very easy to find the one that will perfectly fit and make your bathroom look even greater. Both shower panels and showerheads are available in different sizes, colors and shapes, furthermore shower panels can be divided into several parts. We would like to note that shower panel is perfect for small sized bathrooms. A lot of space is saved due to the fact that panel is almost flat.

Who to call for installation?

Miami Bathtubs, of course! Our experienced specialists can complete mounting of tropical shower in few minutes, so you can enjoy shower rain very soon. Call us at any convenient time!