Two Sinks in One Bathroom: Distinctive Features and Advantages

If you live in a large friendly family, then you certainly experience firsthand how difficult it is to wash and brush up in the morning without making somebody wait. You are late for work, and your child messes around in the bathroom — this situation is familiar to many people.

To prevent this from happening it makes sense to set two sinks in a bathroom instead of one. In such way you will not only save your time but also spare your nerves.

What’s Worth Attention Upon Purchase?

  • First of all, take into account the material of which the sinks are made: their texture should blend seamlessly into the interior of the bathroom, i.e. harmonize with its other elements.
  • Also, do not forget about the style in which the sink is made: if it is more suitable for a bathroom in the high-tech style, you shouldn’t set it in a bathroom with a prevailing country style.
  • Take into account room dimensions: maybe, if you set a pair of sinks it will cost you getting rid of something. If the answer is “yes”, then probably it’s not nearly the best option.
  • Keep in mind the size of the sink itself: you should feel comfortable while washing your hands and face; otherwise the purchase will be plainly useless.

Advantages of Two Sinks

First and the foremost advantage that must be obvious – if there are two sinks in your bathroom this means that two persons are able to brush up simultaneously. This brings a vast improvement to the atmosphere in the house: nobody bites someone’s head off because of unavailability to get in the bathroom in time.

In some cases two sinks, especially if they are not standing by side, help to make the interior more functional and comfortable. For example, by their means bathroom can be split into a couple of separate zones.

Needless to say, substantial time saving cannot be discounted as well: the faster the whole family will wash and brush teeth, the faster everyone will be about their business. So, it’s a priceless factor, especially if all housemates work or study and are always in hurry in the morning.

How to Choose an Appropriately Sized Sink?

First of all, you should rely upon the dimensions of the bathroom itself. It is obvious that a small room cannot comprise two wide sinks. Perhaps, the best suitable option for a small room is not really wide but at the same time deep model.

Regarding the choice of water mixer tap please be aware that it should be long enough – you will feel more comfortable while washing your hands or face. If water mixer tap is short, you have to almost lower your hands into the sink, and this creates discomfort. And, of course, you should estimate the depth of the sink; otherwise water will splash out onto the floor constantly.