Types of tiles for your bathroom

If you have decided to change the tiles in your bathroom, your first step would be to figure out what kind of tiles you want. Although there are a lot of different types of tiles in specialized stores, it is quite difficult to find a perfect one.


What you should keep in your mind while making your choice:

  • Color scheme. If your bathroom is decorated in neutral light tones, it is no reason to buy black or bright tiles. It will look awkward and out of place;
  • Abrasion resistance. If it is heavy duty, then most likely tiles are made for the places where there are a lot of people. For apartment, simple tiles go very well; it is quite hard;
  • If you have decided to renew tiles not only on the walls but also on the floor, then it is very important to pay attention at the index of antiskid. It tiles are too slippery, you can fall down going out the bathroom and get a serious injury.


Classification of tiles

First of all it is necessary to point out two types of tiles depending on the method of manufacturing:

  1. Monocottura — single-fired tiles. Due to this, it becomes firmer than general tiles and it can be used in enameling the floor. If tiles are covered with glaze, don’t put it on the floor: this flooring coating wears off very quickly:
  2. Bicottura — double-fired tiles with special glazes. It is good for wall tiles.

Clinker is very firm, redbrick tiles characterized by low porosity. Most often they use clinker for flooring because of its long lasting quality.

Porcelain stoneware is a tile which imitates a slice of granite or marble. It looks luxurious and natural at once, so it fits perfectly almost any interior. You can choose minimalistic Greek style or splendid Empire style, — porcelain stoneware wouldn’t ever go amiss.

Mosaic is a unique kind of tiles. Its pieces are glued on a net and sold in one roll. That is why the main difference of mosaic is the speed of placing. It is easy to put it on the wall as well as on the floor.

Mettlach is made in Italy. It is produced of pit-run clay, which goes through double firing. The main feature of the tile is its heavy duty. It looks good on the walls, however because of its increased porosity it is recommended not to put it on the floor.


What can be used instead of tiles?

You can find glass and mirror options instead of tiles in some stores. However, it tends to be fragile. It is true that it is heavy duty and has long lasting quality but it can become covered with crackles from just a little hit. So, think twice before buying this kind of tile.