Unexpected Things in Your Bathroom You Did Not Even Think About

A bathroom is a place that should be comfortable and cozy to the greatest possible extent. That’s exactly where every person’s day starts off. One can decide on a quick contrast shower or unhasting washing procedures – that’s a matter of personal choice. However, there is no escaping the fact that the bathroom is the place where you can give up all the anxiety and just relax, or, vice-versa – refresh.

To make the bathroom even more comfortable, we recommend purchasing several accessories. Not everybody has the idea about the usefulness of such things; however, one can’t do without them.

Hair Dryer Holder

It could seem such a trifle, but it will make one’s life better significantly. If you keep the hair dryer in the dresser drawer, then chances are you are often forced to unravel the cable, which is terribly annoying.

The holder erases this problem: one can hang the hair dryer on the wall, carefully wrap the cable, and simply take it off the next time when the need will arise.

Drain Filter

This is an indispensable thing for the bathroom, which far from everybody brings to mind. Such a filter should be set within any bathroom, and the reasons for that are as follows:

  • it is indispensable, if there is at least one long-haired person in the apartment – the filter will prevent the plugging of the drain, so it should not be cleaned up;
  • due to the numerous variations, the filter of such a kind is also a stylish and unusual accessory – for example, models in a shape of a starfish are especially appreciated.

Bamboo Foot Mat

It’s no secret that there certainly should be a foot mat in the bathroom. A lot of options made of materials of all kinds may be found in the stores, but the bamboo is probably one of the top materials.

The reasons are obvious: firstly, bamboo foot mat is an excellent foot massager, especially if you spend your working day not by the office table alone. And secondly, this material is very quick-drying, that is essential for the room with the high humidity.

Shelf for the Bath Tub

It shouldn’t be confused with the shelves where the vials and towels are placed. This option is intended for those who are fond of reading or working while having a bath, and also for those who like to take a glass of wine along.

The surface of the shelf is quite hard and waterproof, so even a laptop may be easily set on it.

Illuminated Mirror

This is a real “hello” from the future and is intended for everyone who can’t imagine a life without make-up experiments. When a person comes close to the mirror, a soft illumination turns on, that is quite comfortable and unusual. It would be especially useful in the bathroom with the dim lighting, because it is relaxing. However, it is insufficient for putting on a neat make-up.

All the mentioned things may be found in any specialized household goods store. If you have no idea about how each of them should look like, a competent consultant will certainly render assistance.