What is Better: Split Bathroom or a Full Bathroom? Professional Advice

When moving to a new apartment, be prepared for the fact that the construction norms do not change as quickly as we wished it to be. Most likely, the apartment will have a very small bathroom, which does not fit into the standard vision of comfort – and in this case, it must be inevitably decided whether the bathroom should be split or full.

If you do not know what to choose, we advise you to listen to the recommendations of the experts.

Don’t worry if you don’t need great space

Perhaps you’ve moved into a house with an initially split bathroom and now you want to divide it into the functional areas? This is the common practice, so no one will be surprised if you contact a specialized company with such a request. In addition, each type of a bathroom has its advantages.

Consider your own needs

First of all, the number of people living in the house should be taken into consideration and also some special requests must be considered:

  • if the family is big and there are children, it is better to have the full bathroom; in this case, a wardrobe for laundry and a washing machine, that one can’t be good without, will effortlessly be placed inside;
  • when two people live in the house and one of them likes to take a bath for a long time, a split option will save you — only in such way you can coexist peacefully;
  • as for the big family, each member of which lives according to his own schedule, the full bathroom will be a good fit. If the day modes do not really coincide, you will not disturb each other.

Have in mind the issue of saving

Sometimes pulling down a dividing wall between the toilet and the bathroom means serious cost-saving. At least because the finishing of the walls is not always cheap. In addition, if you do not have enough space, this is a great opportunity to expand the space and feel more comfortable.

You can save money on:

  • no need to place one more door;
  • no need to order the finishing of the additional wall and buy tile for it.

Cater to the plan of the house

If the apartment is planned in the way you can remodel something and make the bathroom much more spacious than before – do it. But before that, you must get permit for remodeling. Otherwise, there may be problems with the law.

Do not forget that in this case, your needs should be in priority. If you are not sure whether you can implement what was planned, we recommend you to contact a competent interior designer. Our company Miami Bathtubs is ready to give flesh and blood to all, even the most challenging ideas. Become personally certain!